Over the past decade, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, or popularly known as Saigon among locals, has become a more popular dwelling place for people looking to live outside their home countries. Saigon becoming a favorite living destination among expats is not an event of chance or coincidence. Many expats decided to live in Saigon not only because of the economy, environment, people but also the living conditions.

The River City apartment project enjoys a prime location on 3 sides of Saigon River, facing Phu My Bridge, next to Saigon Peninsula Park, Phu My Hung Center, District 7.
Not simply a building, this is, indeed, a part of the bigger city. RIVER CITY – A Residential masterpiece by the Saigon River, which had been awarded The Notable Asian Urban Perspectives Award will be the unique architectural icon right in Saigon South.

Previously inspired by Australia’s most famous theater, The Block L, A, B, C, D. The River City apartment embraces views of the man-made island renamed respectively as The Opera 1, The Opera 2, The Opera 3, The Opera 4, The Opera 5. River City Q7 has been making the difference in the apartment market in HCM City in particular and Vietnam in general.

River City is the first project in Vietnam with artificial islands, water and light squares, flower walkways in the air, and second story pools. Amenities at River City Q7 totaled up to a 20 million Investment. As an experienced company in 3D rendering walkthrough service, people looking at the design able to understand how a project will look like at the end of construction. Sometimes clients don’t have time to visit the real site then they can take valuable experience by taking 3D rendering walkthrough where we provide the smallest detail in detail. Four high-end apartments form a complete crown-shaped enclosure, including The Opera Apartment, The Marina Apartment, The Victoria Apartment, The Verona Apartment. The Marina River City was officially launched in February 2017.

At River City, the artificial island facilities, water and light squares, flower walkways in the air, and two-tiered waterfalls are the first and only in Vietnam.

Our architectural illustration service strives to deliver impeccably lifelike and photorealistic to ensure that the clients are satisfied with the output they expect from the projects.

The boasting elegant living spaces designed are the perfect home. Style blends together, through a subtle layout characteristic combined with perfect softness for this kind of real estate.

River City’s project owns the rare prime location of Saigon with 3 sides by Saigon River, next to Mui Den Park, Phu My Hung center – the heart of district 7. Our 3D architectural animation service represents the property as alive with animation before site comes on the real ground.  The client can get a total understanding of the site in a fun and interesting way. With high-quality 3D architectural animation service, A2 Visualization brings people to a wonderland – River City where all the amenities of the future life is provided.

This place will bring you and your family many surprises, amazingly delightful experiences, and inspire you as you make your way through every corner of the project. At River City, apart from the aesthetic qualities, the project also met the criteria for optimizing the living space of each apartment as well as the living environment of the community. Every citizen of River City is sure to be proud of its roof – which reaches a symbol of architecture and lifestyle.

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