21 Types Of Architect

21 Types Of Architect

1). The Stealth Fighter
This architect manages to fly under the radar, seemingly just zooming in and out of Revit all day. You wonder how he keeps his job.

2. The Entrepreneur

Architects often have to wear many hats in the office and this one is particularly good at wearing the accountant hat and would probably find this article useful. Thanks for keeping the numbers out of the red!

3. The Project Manager

There has to be someone keeping all the silly little designers on their toes and that is the Project Manager. Awesome at management, but many of these types seemingly can’t manage to design.

4.The Silent Struggler

Most architects probably fit into this category: you try to keep your cool in the office as you work at your desk but inside you’re cursing the 300 pieces that still need to be glued onto the presentation model for tomorrow’s meeting.